“The arts  
significantly enhance
 our lives.

When added to the beauty of our mountain community we can see and feel so much more and in so many new ways.”

Craig Ponzio, Art Collector & Community Leader

The arts in Evergreen are a really important part of our close-knit community… they provide another great reason for people to come together. We have such an amazing and diverse group of local artists our arts community showcases all of the different talent!

Alexa Cowley

Owner, Mountain Home & Alexa Interiors

We are so fortunate to have a vibrant art community in Evergreen and Center for the Arts continues to be a focal point for artists to learn and display their creations. People visi Evergreen specifically for the art events and festivals thus providing financial support to area businesses and our local economy. I am excited that CAE is looking to expand their footprint to support our community further.

Nancy Judge

President, Evergreen Chamber of Commerce

Evergreen is a special place with a thriving arts community that enriches all of us. We treasure the impact it has on the young and old. A community alive with visual and performing arts thrives and endures. I encourage everyone to support the efforts to maintain and build an ever-increasing arts community in Evergreen, a real treasure.

Joe Glasmire

Sculpture Evergreen

Art is communication. It influences society by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. It allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories. Our mountain community is also important to me. In many ways, the organizations I have had the opportunity to involved with in Evergreen, have shaped who I am. I donate to the Center for the Arts in honor of my mother and in the hope that art in Evergreen will build a stronger community by providing awareness and understanding of different cultures and different points of view.

Karen Lindsay

Art Enthusiast & Philanthropist

We who live at Rocky Mountain Village are fortunate to be positioned close to the Center for the Arts Evergreen – an easy walk even for those of us using walkers – and several of our residents have enjoyed not only visiting the arts center to view the shows but also volunteering there and taking classes. Fear that the pandemic might bring about the closure of the arts center was cause for me to make the largest single donation I’d ever made to help ensure their survival.

Linda Kirkpatrick

Evergreen Resident & Civic Leader