There is endless analysis of what art means to a community, how it enriches our lives and expands our thinking. Living in Evergreen has taught me a valuable truth that I will always live by. Simply stated: Productivity and profit are essential to making life work, but time spent enjoying, embracing and finally appreciating the arts is never wasted. It is the oil that keeps the wheels turning and the inspiration that sustains hope.​

During the pandemic I have seen the value of art in our midst in a bigger way than ever before. We saw families who were spending days in isolation coming to safeguarded outdoor crafting events, their children working on projects under heated tents, the whole family reveling in a day out. The opportunity to connect was paramount and it was facilitated by a culture that Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) has cultivated over the years.​

In addition to bringing world renown and award-winning art to our mountain community, CAE has created a space where all are welcome, creativity is nurtured, and individual expression is encouraged. The value of art, though not easily measured, is exemplified in the transformative influence it has on young people who are realizing the joy of self-discovery, in the elderly or infirmed as their challenges are momentarily overwhelmed by the beauty of a painting or sculpture, and in the everyday resident when they take a moment from their hectic schedule to be still in the presence of a distinctively creative culture. We see the cathartic nature of surrounding oneself with art each time the doors open at The Center, and someone walks into the gallery for the first time. It starts with a period of contemplative quiet, and then the discussion begins, and best of all, the discussion continues long after CAE has closed for the day.​

We have art in order not to die of the truth.​​

—Friedrich Nietzsche

It is easy to become buried in the grim realities that surround us, that are forced to the forefront on a continual basis. Bringing art into our everyday lives reminds us that we are bigger than the difficulties of the daily grind, that we can live above the fray if we will focus on the joy, the beauty, the reverence and healing power of creative expression. Center for the Arts Evergreen provides the space and freedom to immerse ourselves in the exceptional and the thought provoking, giving us the incentive to incorporate that grace into our daily living.

When you choose to be a part of a legacy that will last well beyond your personal influence you invest far into the future of our mountain community. Giving is always the precursor to immeasurable blessing. What you do today will make a difference in your life and in the lives of hundreds of people you will never meet.​

Kristin Witt, President CAE Board of Directors