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Moving forward with a new perspective.

The pandemic allowed us to witness firsthand how art can provide hope that will help heal a community. We discovered how art has the power to dispel feelings of isolation and loneliness by allowing others to experience the world through
the eyes, mind, and hands of someone else. We saw new artists blossom, while they learned new techniques from the masters here in Evergreen. And we helped children discover the wonders of the world of art and ignite their imaginations
through classes both in-person and over Zoom.​

The artists, art enthusiasts and members of the community came together during the worst of times and brought out the best in our community. Our membership has grown, and we continue to hear confirmation from the community that there
is a need for CAE in its expanded form. That alone is what drives us. Hence a decision was made to move forward to begin Phase II of CAE.​

The pandemic allowed the Executive Director to work with her staff, artists, and the community to realize the needs and wants for a second addition. We re-examined the needs of the community art center. The outcome resulted in a 5,000-square-foot
architectural design drafted by Eric Maule, local architect and board member of CAE.